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The Liturgy of the Liberal Catholic Church was constructed by its two great founding Bishops, James I. Wedgwood and Charles W. Leadbeater.  Although they both wanted to update the rituals, they did not want to break with the past completely. The new church was to be an evolution of the old liturgy. It was not going to be a radical break with tradition: the goal was to modify the ancient liturgy of the Catholic Church but make it more mystical. This work lasted two years, mainly in Sydney, Australia. The two often worked into the night. Relying on prayer and each man's study of world religions, they kept the heart of the old liturgy but let its soul evolve into something new and grand.

In 1917, the first version of the new liturgy was printed in London. This first printing contained only the Holy Eucharist. It would be another two year's work to complete all the liturgies. The first complete set of rituals was printed in 1919 in Sydney and is available in facsimile from the St. Alban Press in San Diego.

The new Liturgy was filled with strains of hope, charity, and partnership with God. All those negative references and threats were replaced by an outflowing of power and love, for those present at the liturgy and for the entire world.


James I Wedgwood                                Charles W. Leadbeater