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Additional Tunes

Of course there are many many versions of the Kyrie that could be included here.  Some of them are so long that the Celebrant is permitted to sit until their completion. (Normally the celebrant would be bowing in front of the center of the altar during the Kyrie. When seated, the proper place on the Epistle side, according to Fortesque & O'Connell (The Ceremonies of the Roman Rite Described, 1958.)  In addition, there are many versions of the "Ite missa est" and its response "Deo gratias."  Links to a few examples of each appear below.  They are mostly taken from YouTube.  All are in mp3 format. Click on the title to play each one.

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Here is a link to an alternative tune for the Adeste Fideles composed by Sir Joseph Barnby in the 19th Century.

Midi File, Barnby Adeste

     Kyrie eleisons        Ite missa ests
Beech Kyrie Gregorian ite missa est, Missa de angelis
Kyrie I Ite missa est I
Kyrie Ite missa est