The Liberal Rite Society
Promoting use of the Liberal Catholic Rite

     The objects of the Liberal Rite Society (LRS) are as follows:

·    Encourage the use of the Liberal Catholic Rite in all Catholic churches, especially those of the Liberal Catholic Movement.

·    Promote the study of the Liberal Rite in Theological Seminaries and other similar institutions.

·    Disseminate knowledge of the Liberal Rite by placing copies of The Liturgy according to the Usage of The Liberal Catholic Church in libraries, universities, Seminaries, and in dioceses of the Church Catholic throughout the world.

·    Spread knowledge of the Liberal Rite and the ideas contained therein through speaking engagements, seminars, newsletters, and a website. 


  The LRS is governed by a seven member Board of Directors. Present Directors are:
The Most Rev. Robert Winzens
The Most Rev. Tony Jack Howard
The Most Rev. William McCabe Delahunt

The Executive Director is The Most Rev. Dean Bekken.