The Liberal Catholic Rite Society

Last updated March 29, 2016

The objects of the Liberal Rite Society (LRS) are as follows:

As stated in the Preface to its 1919 First Edition:
    "The movement from which the Liberal Catholic Rite originated used the Roman Liturgy, but the complete reorganization of that movement upon its present basis of the widest freedom involved a correspondingly drastic revision of the Liturgy.  The Roman Liturgy was chosen as the basis for that revision. As all students of the subject are aware, the traditional Roman Liturgy was a composite product, derived from a variety of ancient sources.  It appears to have grown up by a process of absorption, and notably by the absorption of a widespread Gallican use, which in its turn had oriental affiliations.  It bears all the marks of this antiquity and composite structure."
Partly because the new organization was Universalist and partly because it was obvious that the Roman Liturgy proceeded in part by inspiring fear and trepidation, all mentions of hellfire and all language of condemnation were replaced with language of the pure Love of God  for His creation.